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What Others Are Saying About Us

You are to be congratulated on hiring an excellent Hospice staff. During my father's recent illness, we were amazed at the amount and variety of services we received from sunrise. - E.W.

Your staff rendered superb support for our family. Each one was professional in demeanor, services, and consideration. - Dr. Williams

Working in a difficult environment, they exuded cheer and encouragement which we greatly appreciated. We wish you well in this much needed arena of caring for the sick and dying. You have all made our burden a little lighter. - Ellen H.

Your company has provided the best care we could have ever asked for. I am so grateful for all you have done for me and my husband. I couldn't have done it without you. - C.A.

In my recent hospital stay I told everyone that Sunrise was my Home Health company and that I wouldn't think of going with anyone else. - Carol A.

Excellent service and people. Thanks Sunrise! - Frances

My husband immediately felt comfortable with the physical therapist and optimistic that he'd be able to move around better. We're seeing improvement already. Thanks Sunrise, for ALL you do! - R.A.

Wonderful. Absolutely delightful care! - Trudy

The nurse at Sunrise Home Health and Hospice, is currently helping my mother who is diabetic. My mother can be very down-hearted because of all the things she can't do anymore, but the nurse comes regularly and really brightens my mother's day. - T.R.

I've really seen a lot of improvement with my mother and can't gush enough about how grateful I am for Sunrise and their wonderful people. - R.U.

You workers have been very dependable and have always been here when they said they would. I could not have asked for anything better. I would highly recommend your agency. - Mary S.

If I would have known that these types of services were available I would have called much sooner. - Anne K.

Sunrise helped me get better and back to fishing much sooner than I could have expected! - Walt R.

The highest compliment I could pay is to say that our Nurse and Aide have become like part of the family. I will miss them when I'm back on my feet. - Jim T.

Thanks for the hard work! I was unaware that anything like this existed. I'm going to tell everyone about you. - John P.